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Breath of Life Book Reviews

About Breath of Life I started this blog so that I could share my love of reading... My main types of books that I love to read are Christian based. I love mystery, suspense, romance and paranormal books the most and will be reading and writing reviews for those mainly. Also there may be some devotional, children, self help and historical genre's that I review! I also have started reading a lot of YA books as well. Also I have found myself really getting into the Fantasy genre. So those types of books are in my list of books I will read and review! I enjoy reading and blogging very much and with this blog I can mix the two things together. I love sharing my love of both with all of you. My hope is that I can encourage, uplift and spread the word about some awesome books and amazing authors with you!!! Thanks so much for reading my blog and don't forget to leave some comments, I love to see what you think! Thanks!!!